Stacey Solomon has admitted to suffering from bikini anxiety as she donned her latest line of swimwear to celebrate the release of her latest collection for In The Style.

The Loose Women presenter and nation’s sweetheart shared her nerves in a recent post on social media as she showed off a selection of stunning new designs that have launched for the summer.

Yet despite modelling the chic designs herself, Stacey candidly admitted it had been a “daunting” experience, as she feared she may get trolled for not having the perfect physique.

Posing in a a white bikini adorned in a yellow flower ditsy print, the mum-of-four shared her anxiety at being so exposed while promoting her new range.

Appearing in an image with her back to the camera, Stacey wrote: "I am fully aware that there are so many people who will have their opinions on what I look like because I am no Victoria's Secret model.

"So I was nervous making swimwear and then modelling it and then sharing it on here but no matter what anyone says about you or how society tends to make people feel about themselves, just keep telling yourself…

"F*** what anyone else thinks. Don't give them that power.”

Taking ownership of her own beauty, the star gave a positive message to others who were feeling the same way, as she reminded them to love themselves and not to give haters the time of day, or power to make you feel less than perfect.

It isn’t the first time Stacey has championed self-love and body positivity either, with fans flocking to social media to praise the star earlier this month for showing a “real” bikini body, rather than a model’s physique which many women, mum’s in particular may see as unattainable.

In a recent post penned to her daughter Rose who she gave birth to back in October, Stacey said: "Dear Rose, I hope you grow up and love who you are.

"I hope that love is never determined by your appearance. To the moon and back darling…”

Alongside encouraging her daughter to embrace who she is as she grows up, Stacey also told fans at home to look after themselves as the UK suffered a heatwave.

As many men and women around the country may have felt compelled to cover up through the feat of being ridiculed, Stacey reminded her followers to "wear whatever makes you feel comfortable” and to put their own wellbeing and comfort first.

She added: "You’re beautiful. Never let anyone make you believe otherwise – This is not a paid post but I am wearing my Bikini from My Range AD."

Always eager to elevate people rather than bring them down, Stacey has also shared a variety of posts over the past few years encouraging her fans to embrace their differences too, and to ”never be ashamed” of their figures.

"Every tiny detail of your body tells a story of everything you’ve been through. All of the challenges you faced,” said Stacey.

"The highs and lows of your story so far.”

In one particularly iconic post, Stacey even celebrated her own conventional ‘imperfections’ as she spoke highly of her stretch marks, saying: "They sparkle like glitter in the sun and they go all the way round like a sparkle hula skirt, I love them!”


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