Here’s a fun fact Mike Myers will love … male sharks have 2 PENISES … count ’em, TWO!!!

Yes, it’s a true scientific fact male sharks are blessed with two members … and the reasons behind the double dongs are gonna be explored by Discovery Channel when “Shark Week” returns next month.

To get us ready for “Shark Week” and the two-penis episode, Discovery’s coming in hot with this hilarious ad … and ya gotta check it out, because it’s straight outta Mike’s playbook.

If you’ve ever seen “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” the shark penis jokes should ring a bell … and they’re still funny, even 21 years later.

Quick science lesson … male sharks have 2 penises, which are really just 2 grooved organs used to deposit sperm in the genital ducts of a sexually receptive female shark.

The organs are developed alongside the inner part of the shark’s pelvic fin, and because there are 2 pelvic fins, there are 2 penises. Oh, and they only use one at a time.

Shark Week runs from Sunday, August 9-16 with more than 20 hours of shark programming through the week. The event will take viewers to oceans around the world to learn about the awesome creatures.

And, if the penis teaser is any hint, Discovery’s right … there’s still A LOT you don’t know.

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