Sam Faiers has candidly spoken about juggling her life with a newborn, admitting she feels like a "human cow" at times.

Last month, the former The Only Way Is Essex star gave birth to her third child with long-term partner Paul Knightley, and the pair are also doting parents to Paul Junior, six, and Rose, four.

However, the 31 year old explained to her followers that life with three young children wasn't as easy as it seems, and she felt like a "human cow" when it came to feeding her youngest at times.

Taking to her Instagram Stories with a snap of her baby sleeping on her best, Sam wrote: "Back to school tomorrow for Paul & Rosie, wow what a week, although we had a lovely time (especially the kids), it has been tough."

Sam continued: "Not going to pretend it was perfect. I'm very proud of myself and Paul juggling life as a family of 5 these past few weeks. I'd say we're still adjusting and not even halfway there yet.

"Big things in life like a new baby take time. For anyone reading this who has had a baby, it takes time, do not think you are the only one. Do things at your own pace, there's no rush. It's not an overnight thing."

Speaking further about her newborn, Sam continued: "Little man has cat naps atm too. I feel like I can just about shower before he needs me again.

"He's also quite windy, even though he's exclusively breastfed, he's been getting wind, so I've been expressing off before he feeds to release some milk to make it easier for him.

"I honestly feel like a human cow atm, anyways early night for us, love you baby, sweet dreams," she concluded.

Late last month, Sam opened up about "still finding her feet" with her adorable newborn.

"My beautiful little sleep thief," she began with a snap of him sleeping, adding: "Parents with newborns, I'm sure you can relate… You have a string of good nights with smooth feeds and little fuss in-between… then out of nowhere, they're up all night."

She continued by candidly admitting: "It isn't ideal. Still finding our feet and settling in."

In the post announcing the newborn's arrival into the world, Sam shared a sweet video compilation that featured blue fireworks, as well as Sam's partner, Paul Knightley and their daughter Rosie holding her hands as she was in her birthing pool at home.

Other clips showed her son Paul Jr, six, and Rosie kissing and cuddling their new baby brother as Paul Sr held him, and another snippet captured Rosie asleep as she faced her new brother.

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