Rod Stewart urges fans to get checked for prostate cancer

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British singer Sir Rod Stewart and his son’s alleged assault case is set to reach a conclusion with the pair avoiding jail time after a reported altercation in Florida in 2019. The singer, 76, and his son, Sean, 40, are expected to plead no contest to the charge of simple battery, meaning they will avoid spending up to a year in County jail.

It will result in no jail time for both my clients

Guy Fronstin

Court records show that the Maggie May hitmaker’s legal team have reached a deal with prosecutors after almost two years.

The British icon and his songwriter son Sean were due to stand trial following allegations that they attacked a security guard at a five star hotel in Palm Beach on New Year’s Eve 2019.

Rod and Sean were both charged with one misdemeanor count each after security guard Jessie Dixon claimed that the former punched him in the ribs amid a row over gaining access to a private party in a children’s area.

Rod’s son allegedly got “nose to nose” with the security office.

Both father and son have denied the charge of simple battery.

A trial had been set for September 14 following the altercation at The Breakers Hotel nearly two years ago, but according to court documents, this has now been cancelled.

Instead of going to trial, Judge August Bonavita is expected to sign off on the deal on October 22 and close the case.

Neither Sir Rod nor Sean are mandated to appear.

Following the charges, the duo could have served up to a year in Palm Beach’s County jail.

Addressing the expected conclusion to his clients’ case, Rod and Sean’s attorney Guy Fronstin stated: “A resolution that’s acceptable to all parties has been reached.

“It will result in no jail time for both my clients.”

He added: “He’s a first-time offender, it’s just silly to send him to jail.”

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg said: “Our mission is to uphold the law, regardless of socio-economic or celebrity status.

“My prosecutors based their decisions in this case, as all other cases, solely on the facts and the law.”

The Stewarts were charged in January 2020 after Mr Dixon claimed that the pair objected to being denied entry to a private party, according to court records.

The party was being held in a children’s area inside The Breakers Hotel on Palm Beach.

After being asked to leave, the singer and his group reportedly “began to get loud and cause a scene”, with the singer punching him in the ribs after Sean got “nose to nose” with the security officer, according to reports.

He also claims that Rod’s TV personality son pushed him before the altercation.

The expected agreement comes after a Zoom hearing in March where Mr Fronstin told how a “single-issue” was holding up the case.

He did not give further details about said “issue”.

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