Riley Keough is stuck doing promo for a brand new show while she’s still in mourning over the tragic and shocking passing of her mother, Lisa Marie Presley. It’s not the most enviable position if we’re being honest. We’d want to just curl up in bed for like a year…

At least the Daisy Jones and the Six star has a lot to be grateful for that she can talk about. Like, say, her hunky husband, Ben Smith-Petersen. And, as it turns out, some supernatural powers??

She paid a visit to Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night and revealed her premonitions sometimes come true! This musical Amazon show was one such insight that turned into real life. But possibly the most important was the revelation she had that she’d marry Ben — something she somehow suddenly knew on their second date! She explained:

“I don’t see the future, but I know certain things are going to happen. Like when I met my husband, he came out of the gas station on our second date and I thought, ‘I’m going to marry him and have kids with him.’”

We mean… we kind of have that feeling when we look at him, too, tbh.

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But Riley actually did marry him and have his kids! But that feeling that day, it wasn’t overwhelming desire, she maintained. It was knowledge:

“I just knew. We didn’t even say ‘I love you’ yet.”

When Colbert asked her if she told her then not-even-boyfriend about this premonition, she said HELL NO!

“It certainly wasn’t at that point. I thought, ‘If I tell him now, he will leave me here in Australia at the gas station.’”

Ha! Yeah, definitely a good call! See Riley’s full Late Show interview (below)!

BTW, speaking of Australia…

YOU’VE likely seen Ben Smith-Petersen a lot earlier than you realized, too! The actor and stuntman hasn’t found fame yet, but he did play one of the most iconic characters in the enormous, Oscar-winning hit Mad Max: Fury Road. In fact, it’s where he and Riley met (she played one of villain Immortan Joe’s harem of imprisoned supermodel wives).

So who was Ben? As a stuntman he played a couple different characters, but the most famous is definitely… this guy!

Yep! The Doof Warrior, who played a flamethrower guitar at the front of the warband. That was sometimes Ben and sometimes musician Sean Hape, aka iOTA — presumably Ben for the more action-oriented stuff.

Here he is the way he looked when Riley first met him! LOLz!

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Uh… he probably has a great personality? Yeah, turns out he was hot under all that makeup!

See Riley reveal her hubby’s not-so-sexy screen persona in a hilarious Conan O’Brien interview from a few years ago (below)!

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