Ronald Fenty says in an interview that he wishes the baby would be a girl because he already has two grandsons and reveals that his singer daughter wants to have three kids.

AceShowbizRihanna‘s father has expressed his excitement to be a grandfather again. As the Barbadian singer has gone public with her pregnancy, her father has had several interviews in which he responded to the good news.

Speaking to TMZ, Ronald Fenty admitted he’s “ecstatic,” adding, “I was like so excited.” While noting that he hopes the baby will arrive safely and healthy, the granddad revealed he wishes Rih’s first child would be a girl. “I already have two grandsons,” he said, so he’s “looking for granddaughter now.”

Ronald believes Rih and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky would be great parents to their child. “Yeah, I met A$AP a few times already. Very cool person. I like him,” he gushed over the rapper. “I think he’s gonna be a great dad and I know she’s gonna be a great mom. She loved kids and I could see he does as well.”

On how his daughter is feeling right now, the 68-year-old said, “She’s over the moon about it. She’s so happy. She was always talking about having a child.” He additionally spilled that Rih wants to have three children. “Yeah, she said maybe more than one then she’s said three. ‘I would like to have three,’ ” so he claimed.

While Rih and A$AP have not got engaged just yet, Ronald hopes that the pair will be married. “I don’t know if she’s gonna have a wedding, but I would like to have a thing, to be honest, make it official,” he explained.

He also expects the “Umbrella” songstress to be home in Barbados soon. “She’ll be home soon, very soon. She’ll be back,” he said. And he can’t wait to meet his yet-to-be-born grandchild as he said that he’s looking forward to “just hold and embrace it.”

Meanwhile, Ronald told Us Weekly, “I couldn’t be happier for my daughter.” He shared of his reaction when learning the news, “I actually jumped for joy when I heard. She’s always wanted to have kids and she’s going to be an amazing mom.”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky revealed they’re expecting their first child together during a casual walk in New York City on Friday, January 28. During the romantic stroll, the soon-to-be first-time mother showed off her bare baby bump underneath a bright pink coat which was partly unbuttoned.

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