Don Lemon has a new job option if he wants it — and it would entail him dipping poultry into boiling hot cooking oil … under the supervision of one of Rick Ross‘s managers, no less.

The rapper hopped on the ‘Gram Monday to air his thoughts on the news of DL’s unceremonious firing from CNN … and he was more than ready to dance on the guy’s grave a bit, ’cause he offered him a new gig at one of his many Wing Stop franchises.

Rozay says he can personally make sure Don gets an interview in front of his top chicken team members. The only thing he’s asking the ex-anchor to do … send a resume. Sounds like Rick’s sold on Don’s potential ability to hawk a certain flavor of pollo — take a guess.

He’s obviously trolling here … but that’s not the end of his ribbing. Rick goes on to suggest Don can be the face (or name, more like) of a new flavor of his energy drink line — Rap Star.

Again, he leans into Don’s surname a lot to make this joke work … and yeah, it lands.

While Rick is kidding in his pitch to Don … we know there’s a very real news network he could work for if he’s inclined. As we reported, NewsNation execs are interested in bringing him onto the team — not to mention the recently discarded Tucker Carlson from FOX News.

Tough choice, we know … minimum wage or a few milli??? Decisions, decisions. 😅

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