Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had a close call with a member of “law enforcement,” but the heavily armed “officer” turned out to be fake and got arrested.

The 2024 Democratic presidential candidate was stumping on the campaign trail at an event in L.A. Friday when the suspect — posing as a U.S. Marshal — tried to approach him.

The phony fed was carrying two loaded pistols in shoulder holsters and a bunch of ammo, as well as a bogus U.S. Marshals ID badge.

RFK Jr. campaigning

But the guy made a HUGE mistake, identifying himself as a member of Kennedy’s security detail. Of course, Kennedy’s real bodyguards didn’t recognize him and promptly detained him and called police.

Check out video posted on “X,” formerly Twitter, which shows LAPD officers putting the man in handcuffs and emptying his pockets.

robert f kennedy

Interestingly, Kennedy’s campaign event was held at the Wilshire Ebell Theater, which is about two miles from the now-demolished Ambassador Hotel, where his father, U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was assassinated on June 5, 1968.

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