Rachel Uchitel is making headlines right now for finally opening up about her torrid former affair with pro golfer Tiger Woods, but as it turns out, there’s a lot more to know about the infamous other woman!

Of course, we’ve been reporting on Uchitel’s first-ever sit-down interview to discuss her relationship with the then-married Woods as part of HBO‘s two-part documentary on the golf legend.

Even after her appearance in both parts of HBO’s two-part doc these past two Sunday nights, the Celebrity Rehab alum continues to say all the right things.

For one, Uchitel spoke to Us Weekly about moving on from the affair that infamously split Tiger from then-wife Elin Nordegren, and she made it clear things haven’t exactly been easy for her one decade after her descent into infamy:

“I think people forget how badly I was treated, and the things that people really did to me, and that I couldn’t go anywhere, and I was blamed for a lot of stuff. For 10 years, I’ve lived with that same scrutiny. I cannot go places without people still talking to me that same way. I don’t think people really realize that, that I’m still treated that same way.”

It sucks, we get it!

And we totally understand how frustrating it can be to take all the blame for the affair, especially considering Tiger was a consenting adult and thus equally as responsible for the fallout!

So we can commiserate with the scandalous “home-wrecker” when she says this to the outlet:

“I don’t necessarily want to make this a man vs. woman thing, but in a lot of situations, the women get stuck with the stigma and cannot get away from it, and they just get pigeonholed in this thing. The comments of ‘home-wrecker,’ ‘mistress,’ ‘slut,’ ‘whore’ and the blame just get put on you, and you can’t get away.”

Again, we hear you, gurl! The double standard SUCKS!

Just to be totally fair, though, can we be really clear about some of Uchitel’s other past decisions and alleged past relationships, too? Because it’s not just the greatest golfer in history that has us scratching our heads!

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times this week, Uchitel reflected on the affairs that put her in the spotlight — and a couple you may have forgotten, or never even heard of.

For one, back in 2009, she dated Buffy and Bones actor David Boreanaz, who had been married to Jaime Bergman since 2001. She claims he told her he was separated and sleeping in the guest house — and it was only when his very pregnant wife went into labor that she learned the truth.

What are the odds she dates two high profile married men in the same year? Well, she made this eye-popping comment about her relationship with the married television star:

“I mean, it’s a problem that I derive my credibility from someone else loving me who I think is important. Everyone thought David Boreanaz was super hot, but David Boreanaz is blowing up my phone and wants me. I pick powerful men. It could be a speaker in a room that everyone’s like, ‘Oh, my God, they’re so smart.’ It’s not like I’m trying to pull them away from anyone. The thing is that they want to know me.”

Wow. That is, uhh, quite the quote. Certainly not lacking in confidence, we see!

And Boreanaz did cop to dating Uchitel a year later, in 2010. Not cool, David! But… equally not cool for Rachel, right? (Though she did flip that affair along with the Woods notoriety into a six-figure appearance fee to appear on Celebrity Rehab, so… yeah…)

Beyond Boreanaz, Uchitel — who claims she was “considered” for a season 12 role on the Real Housewives of New York City — has also previously claimed to have had “brief romantic relationships” with stars like Ryan SeacrestStephen Dorff, and Derek Jeter around the same time, while she was helping to get celeb hotspot Tao off the ground. Neither Seacrest nor Dorff ever married, and Jeter famously didn’t wed girlfriend Hannah Davis until 2016. But what a roster!

And weirdly enough, you can add RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley‘s husband Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley to the list, too! Although this was allegedly before PK wed Dorit back in 2015. According to Rachel, she connected with PK when he was a customer at Tao, and he eventually convinced her to connect with him romantically:

“He was a bottle service customer. Listen, he’s got a great personality. He broke me down. He was just a friend for a year and then I totally fell in love with him. I know it sounds crazy. I fell head over heels and couldn’t get enough of him. I spoke with an accent, which is crazy.”

Uhhh… WTF is that about the accent?! So random!

What a life lived!

To hear modern-day Uchitel speak now, it’s easy to pick up on regret and bitterness when she discusses her career. The Alaska-born public figure claims to have been turned down for potential journalism jobs at both MSNBC and Bloomberg, and for one specific reason:

“I would love some opportunity because I haven’t been able to get a real, normal, sustainable job for the last 10 years. I would love to go work in a newsroom again. I would love to do something normal again. They’ve told me flat out that I’m too scandalous.”

Too scandalous, indeed…

Of course, it’s a tough call to make, isn’t it, Perezcious readers? Is it Uchitel’s fault for repeatedly putting herself in these positions — with Woods and Boreanaz as married men, let alone the others on her list? Like, at what point does she have to own up to the whirlwind of bad press she’s been a part of multiple times?!

Bu also, she’s right to be bitter too, isn’t she?? There’s a serious double standard at play here and if she were a man, would anybody even be having this conversation about her being “too scandalous”?!

So much to take in! Sound OFF (below) with what you think about Woods, Boreanaz, Seacrest, Jeter, and everybody else reportedly involved with and impacted by Uchitel’s never-dull, always-noteworthy life…

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