R. Kelly‘s former goddaughter says the singer had sex with her hundreds of times before she turned 18 years old … testifying she was only 15 when they first had sexual intercourse.

The disgraced singer’s alleged victim took the stand Thursday in Kelly’s federal trial in Chicago, telling the jury she had sex with Kelly over and over as a minor because she was too intimidated to say no.

The woman, who is now 37, says she asked Kelly to be her godfather back in the late 1990s when she was only 13 … and she testified things between them quickly turned sexual.

Opening Statements in R. Kelly Chicago Case Include Allegations of Sex with Kids

Kelly’s alleged victim told the jury he first touched her breasts when she was about 14, doing so inside a Chicago recording studio … and claims things escalated to intercourse when she was 15 and he was about twice her age.

The woman, known only by the pseudonym Jane, testified she had sex with Kelly “innumerable times” before her 18th birthday … claiming the encounters took place at Kelly’s home, recording studio, tour bus and hotel rooms.

Asked why she kept having sex with Kelly, Jane told the jury she viewed him as a figure of authority, and didn’t know how to respond to his requests. She says she didn’t know how to say “no” to Kelly and went along with the sex for so long it started feeling like a normal thing.

Jane testified she and Kelly would also have sex with other teenage girls he had her recruit.

She also testified Kelly recorded some of their sexual encounters, when she was only 14.

Jane’s testimony against Kelly is huge … she and her parents for years denied she had an inappropriate relationship with Kelly, and she was NOT called to testify at his 2008 trial, even though prosecutors claimed she was the girl on the video.

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