Jenni Falconer tees off during game of golf in Richmond

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Jenni Falconer has discussed cancel culture in an exclusive interview with The Smooth FM presenter, 46, said it was “scary” how people in the public eye can suddenly fall out of favour.

However, Jenni noted that in her line of work, she tends to stay away from controversy.

The kind of jobs I do, I don’t have a political opinion,” she reflected.

“And I would never voice an opinion negatively about someone, that’s not what I’m about. 

“But it’s quite scary, isn’t it? How quickly public perception can love someone and then the next minute, not like them for whatever the reason.

“It’s something that I observe, but I try not to get drawn into,” she added. 

The radio presenter also talked about her love of running, and how she has found a community of people both online and in the real world who share her passion.

That’s what got her interested in creating her very own liquid marine collagen supplement, Kollo. 

“The reason I started it was to support running, to support your joints and bones and cartilage and help recovery after exercise,” she explained. 

“But also it’s been proven to help your skin and your hair and nails and your joints.

“It’s been really popular, especially with women going through menopause or perimenopause symptoms, it’s quite extraordinary actually. 

“And then on the flip side, there are men that are taking it to support their exercise and help themselves after exercise, to help thicken their hair and also make sure that their immune system is in great condition. 

“So from a health point of view I am really proud to own a brand that is helping people in so many ways.” 

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Jenni explained that she started running because she found team sports impossible.

“I’ve just always liked doing sport and doing exercise, I can’t imagine a time in my life when I haven’t wanted to do it,” she said.

“When I started as a presenter and I was like 19, actually running was really the only thing I could do, I couldn’t do team sports. 

“But running really worked and I actually like the way it makes me feel, and how I can fit in wherever I am. 

“Over the years, I’ve run a bit further and then I started doing marathons, and now I’m just grateful to keep running. I just love it. I can’t imagine not running,” she added. 

“It does impact me in so many ways in terms of boosting my self confidence.

“I think it’s just when you go out there it de-stresses you. It also keeps you fit and keeps you healthy and keeps the blood pumping, but it’s just so much more than that. 

“And also, there’s such a lovely community – I’ve got lots of friends through it.” 

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