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Our lovely theme-dresser is here! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Kew Gardens today to promote Earthshot, William’s big keen environmental awards-scheme. The environment… green technology… the color green. This was Kate’s train of thought. The coat is actually a repeat from Erdem. She paired the Erdem coat with a mis-matched green sweater and black trousers. Ten bucks says she wears green to the Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony too.

As for this event, William and Kate joined London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Olympian Helen Glover and others to meet with schoolchildren. They’re calling the kids “Generation Earthshot” which… well… bless their hearts. The event was basically just Will and Kate telling the kids to think up some bold new ideas to save the planet.

I really wonder if William is keen about having Kate at his Earthshot events. On one hand, even William knows that his stuff will get more attention if Kate is there. On the other hand, I think he’s feeling more apathetic towards her as opposed to “hatred” or “dislike.” You know what I mean? Charles and Diana got to the point where they loathed doing events together. William doesn’t mind if Kate’s there because he just ignores her for the most part and doesn’t really give a crap.

PS… Imagine if Kensington Palace had announced this event in advance and they had proper photographers covering it. It makes me wonder how quickly this event was thrown together. Why is their vibe so half-assed? They truly have dozens of staffers. They could have thrown together an event at the last minute and still alerted photographers!!

— Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter) October 13, 2021

— Russell Myers (@rjmyers) October 13, 2021

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