There’s no magic at the Magic Kingdom, not for an NYC fugitive who successfully dodged the law for a year … only to be captured at the so-called happiest place on Earth!!! 😂

Quashon Burton was reportedly kicking it at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park in October when federal postal inspector Jeff Andre spotted him.

Eagle-eyed Jeff identified Burton by a distinctive “H” tattoo on his neck, and reported him to cops … who caught up to Burton about an hour later. They reportedly found him with 2 family members while they were sitting at a bus stop in the park.

Cops say Burton wouldn’t produce any ID and resisted arrest, so they took him down to the ground … and later ID him with fingerprints.

Officials say Burton ran from his home in Brooklyn last year after fraudulently obtaining over $150K in forgivable PPP loans from the government, and allegedly used multiple identities to get cash out of an ATM at an NYC post office.

He’s being held without bail, as NY prosecutors believe he’s an “extreme” flight risk.

The lesson here — even the mouse house can’t protect ya from the feds!!!

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