Nita Strauss recently released a new single, “Winner Takes All,” featuring her bandmate Alice Cooper.

“Winner Takes All” is a song from the Alice Cooper guitarist’s upcoming sophomore solo album.

About the collaboration, Strauss said, “When we were working on the music for this album, there was no question that I wanted to create a song to collaborate with my longtime boss and friend, the legendary Alice Cooper.”

“I think the track accomplishes what we set out to do — showcase Alice’s voice and signature style on the backdrop of a heavy, modern rock track,” she added. “After many years of lending my style of playing to Alice’s music on stage, it was truly an honor to work together and hear his voice on one of my songs.”

An interview by Cooper of Strauss about their duet is set to be broadcast on the former’s syndicated radio show “Nights With Alice Cooper.”

Earlier this month, Strauss revealed that she is returning as guitarist with the legendary rocker after departing last year to tour with Demi Lovato.

(Photo: Raphael Pour-Hashemi)

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