Netflix has shared a trailer for Kid Cudi‘s animated series “Entergalactic.” The one-minute trailer was released Wednesday.

The series features Cudi as Jabari, Jessica Williams as Meadow, Timothée Chalamet as Jimmy, Ty Dolla $ign as Ky, and Vanessa Hudgens as Karina.

Announcing the teaser’s arrival on Instagram, the rapper said he has been waiting three long years for what he described as his “greatest achievement”.

“This project will move you, it will take your heart places and make you fall in love again,” Cudi said. “I am so proud of every single person involved who helped bring my vision to life.”

“From the animators but more specifically Fletch Moules, to the voice actors, my BEAUTIFUL team at Netflix: The mega awesome cool guy Mike Moon and the ever so lovely and sweet Elizabeth Porter, everyone showed up with their A game and delivered. I LOVE YOU ALL,” he added.

(Photo: Republic Records)

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