Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington is breaking his silence on WILD rumors surrounding his split with Brittany Renner and alleged $200k child support payments … saying, “Stop the cap.”

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the drama, here’s a quick breakdown:

Washington — the #12 pick in the 2019 Draft — and Renner first made headlines when the hooper seemingly shot his shot at the Instagram model after she attended his game at Kentucky in 2019.

The couple went official in 2020 … and in May 2021, Washington confirmed they welcomed a baby boy together.

But, things appeared to go sour just a few months later … with Washington tweeting — and later deleting — a cryptic message about someone “faking it all along.”

Fast forward to this week … when an unconfirmed rumor went viral on social media claiming Washington would have to shell out $200k A MONTH in child support payments following the breakup.

FYI — Washington is still on his rookie deal … which means he’s reportedly raked in $7.8 million so far as a pro and is slated to make about $14 million over the next two seasons.

Before anyone could actually confirm or deny the child support rumors, Twitter trolls had a field day with the reckless headline … cracking jokes and sharing condolences to Washington’s bank account.

But, Washington appears to finally be addressing all the talk on Wednesday … tweeting “Stop the cap” … which, for all you old heads, means QUIT LYING.

Brittany has yet to officially speak out on the topic … but hopefully, that changes soon for everyone’s sake.

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