My Mum, Your Dad's Martin M has received a proper dressing down by co-star Tolullah.

Over on the 50-year-old's Instagram, the pair engaged in a live clearing-of-the-air, with her daughter Georgia-Blu acting as mediator. It came as Tolullah had grown weary of fans messaging her with questions regarding Martin's behaviour on screen, which included firing shots behind her back.

"Let's be very straight with this, for me it was a TV programme," the 52-year-old property developer began, from the comfort of his house in Ibiza. "I know for other people in the house it wasn't, but for me it was definitely a TV programme and I went in… I was myself, I thought the casting of it was perfect, I think the casting team knew exactly what they were doing by putting me in there."

Martin went on to share with their audience: "I can't say I would change anything. Hindsight's a great thing isn't it guys? You'd like to think if I knew then what I know now, of course you'd act differently. I think in the meantime, myself, Tolullah and Georgia have squared things off a little bit."

And that's when Tolullah had to step in.

"I need to halt you right there Martin, OK?" she declared. "The first thing you said then, that you would not change anything, is offensive to me. Because I felt you were unnecessarily harsh and a little bit brutal actually."

This was met with some defiance from Martin, who was then encouraged to "take ownership of treating people poorly".

"Sorry Tolullah, I don't think I did. You know, I got things wrong. I'd be the first person to say that, I definitely got things wrong, but who hasn't got things wrong in life? Isn't that what life is all about? You learn from your mistakes. Am I sorry that I upset you? Of course I am, because you're a great person and I would never want to upset you, and we've since had a bit of a moment and I would never want to upset you," he promised.

Further along, Tolullah revealed to everyone that Martin had initially messaged her after the filming of My Mum, Your Dad, confessing to not knowing how to broach the conversation because of "how poorly" he'd treated on the show.

"Now for you to say that you do not regret that is actually a bit offensive to me, even now. I know we all make mistakes, I'm not perfect either, but at the end of the day all I expect is that respect to say, 'I could've been nicer, I didn't need to crack jokes or make comments about being like cracking eggs', or be that harsh in your body language or in your posture.

"When we were sitting down having that conversation on film, you could've been nicer Martin," she reiterated. "You don't have to be perfect Martin, but I will also say after I fastforwarded the show and watched it back, I was even more offended again by the way you spoke about me – not even to my face."

At least they've both had their say.

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