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Shelley Long is taking it easy in Los Angeles.

The 72-year-old “Modern Family” alum was spotted out and about in Los Angeles earlier this month with her pet Chihuahua.

The star, who isn’t often photographed publicly, kept her outfit simple, wearing a blue shirt, grey jacket, Nike sneakers, long socks and cuffed grey jeans. Her iconic blonde hair fell over her shoulders and she also donned stylish clear-rimmed glasses.

During her stroll, Long took a moment to rest and take in the fresh air on a bench while her pup sniffed around patiently.

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    ‘Modern Family’ alum Shelley Long was spotted walking her dog in Los Angeles. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    During her outing, the star stopped for a rest on a bench. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Along for the ride was her pet Chihuahua. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Long kept her wardrobe simple, wearing a t-shirt, jacket and jeans. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    The ‘Cheers’ star is reportedly not seen much in public. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    The last time Long was photographed in public was April 2019. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Long rose to fame playing Diane Chambers on ‘Cheers.’ (Coleman-Rayner)

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    The actress appeared in the sitcom from 1982-1987. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Long reprised her role on the show a handful of times for guest appearances. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Long also played Diane in several episodes of ‘Fraiser,’ a spin-off starring Kelsey Grammer. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Grammer was also a cast member of ‘Cheers,’ which also starred Ted Danson, Rhea Pearlman, George Wendt, Woody Harrelson and Kirstie Alley. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    ‘Cheers’ would continue for several years without Long, running from 1982-1993. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    In recent years, Long become known for guest starring in ‘Modern Family.’ (Coleman-Rayner)

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    On the hit sitcom, she played DeDe Pritchett, ex-wife to Jay, who was played by Ed O’Neill, another sitcom star of the 1980s. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    ‘Modern Family’ also saw Long play mother to Claire and Mitch, with whom she shared complicated relationships. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    DeDe’s death was a plot point in a later season of ‘Modern Family.’ (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Long appeared in eight episodes of ‘Modern Family.’ (Coleman-Rayner)

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    The star now reportedly lives in a $1.3 million condo in Los Angeles. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Specifically, Long lives in an area known as Pacific Palisades, where she’s lived since her 2004 divorce. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Long was married twice. One marriage ended in the 1970s, while the second lasted from 1981-2004. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    The actress shares a daughter with her second husband, Bruce Tyson. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    In recent years, Long hasn’t been seen out-and-about much, locals say. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    However, she’s kept up a stable acting career. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Most recently, she appeared in the film ‘The Cleaner’ earlier this year. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    In 2018, she made her final ‘Modern Family’ appearance and starred in the Christmas made-for-TV movie ‘The Christmas Trap.’ (Coleman-Rayner)

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    Several of Long’s recent projects have been holiday-themed TV movies. (Coleman-Rayner)

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    She’s appeared in such films as ‘Holiday Road Trip,’ ‘Merry In-Laws’ and ‘The Dog Who Saved the Holidays.’ (Coleman-Rayner)

According to the Daily Mail, the Emmy winner hasn’t been photographed in public since April 2019, as she keeps a fairly low profile.

Long rose to fame in the early 1980s when she starred in “Cheers” as Diane Chambers. She starred in the sitcom about the regulars at a bar in Boston until 1987 before moving on, though she made a few guest appearances afterward.

“Cheers” aired from 1982-1993 and starred Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson, Rhea Perlman, George Wendt, Kelsey Grammer and Kirstie Alley.

Long also reprised her role a number of times in the comedy’s spin-off “Frasier,” which starred Grammer.

In recent years, she was known for appearing on “Modern Family” as DeDe Pritchett, the ex-wife of fellow comedy icon Ed O’Neill’s Jay Pritchett.

Shelley Long in ‘Cheers’ alongside her co-star Ted Danson. She was known for playing Diane Chambers opposite Danson’s Sam Malone.
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Long appeared in eight episodes of the ABC hit from 2009-2018, playing the cooky and complicated mother to Julia Bowen’s Claire and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Mitchell.

Long and Tyson share a daughter, Juliana, and divorced in 2004.

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