Miley Cyrus adorably dishes on her famous godmother’s preferred forms of communication

Miley Cyrus is still scratching her head about the T-Mobile ad she and her godmother, Dolly Parton, appeared in earlier this year, because Dolly, 76, relies on a much less modern form of technology than her cell phone. “It was amazing because, you know, she was doing it for the phones, yet every time I coordinate and kind of communicate with Dolly, it’s still through fax,” Miley told Seth Meyers on “Late Night” on Monday, May 16. “So I don’t know what she’s talking about [in the ad]. She’s rarely on the phone. Next time we have to ‘Do it for the fax machine,'” she joked. Asked if Dolly was guilty of “false advertising,” Miley, 29, admitted, “we do use the phone, but she does a fax, and then someone scans the fax, and then they put it into a text message, and then that gets sent to me, and it’s always signed.” In fact, Miley said Dolly’s complex process has inspired her to try to use letters more, herself. “There’s something so amazing just about a connection. It’s just not casual. You know that she took the time to get out … I guess … her typewriter,” Miley marveled. Later in the chat, she said her godmother even once recorded a song for her in which Dolly “talks about being super high-tech.” Despite the subject of the music, Miley said the recording was done on a “… cassette, which she then voice memo’d onto a flip phone, which someone then put onto the iPhone, which then got sent to me.” She added: “She has a phone. She just doesn’t use it, I don’t think.”

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Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress was a ‘big mistake,’ says its original designer, Bob Mackie

The fashion designer who first sketched the now-iconic dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962 says it was “a big mistake” to let Kim Kardashian wear it to the 2022 Met Gala.”[Marilyn] was a goddess. A crazy goddess, but a goddess,” Bob Mackie recently told Entertainment Weekly. “She was just fabulous. Nobody photographs like that. And it was done for her. It was designed for her. Nobody else should be seen in that dress.” Now 82, Bob was 23 and working as an assistant to designer Jean Louis when he drew the original sketch for the gown, which bears Jean’s name. According to EW, he voiced similar concerns about damage and preservation as those expressed by historians and others when Kim borrowed the dress from the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum, which previously bought it from Julien’s Auctions for $4.8 million. As Alicia Malone, the host of Turner Classic Movies’ fashion on film series, “Follow the Thread,” told EW after speaking with Bob, taking the dress out of its archival setting and onto Kim jeopardized its preservation potential because even “things like oxygen can affect a dress.” She added: “Usually, these outfits are kept very much in controlled environments and we see that with the Met. The Costume Institute is so careful about how they are handling these historic items. So, it was quite alarming that she was able to wear it. I personally wish she wore a replica instead of the real thing.” It didn’t help matters, EW notes, that Kim announced she’d gone on a crash diet to lose 13 pounds in three weeks in order to fit into the piece — particularly given Marilyn’s long struggle to be valued for more than just her beauty.

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Jamie Foxx is among the many voices speaking out about the shooting at a grocery store in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo, N.Y., that left 10 people dead and injured three others on Saturday, May 14. Sharing photos of three of the victims, Jamie, 54, ticked off the “many emotions” he was struggling with on Monday. “Cannot understand why the color of our skin makes people so angry…,” he continued on Instagram. “Who knew they just being born black would be such a torturous journey… our condolences go out to the victims in Buffalo… And I just wonder how many more times you gonna have to say this.” (Eleven of the 13 victims in the shooting were Black, while the suspect, an 18-year-old White man named Payton Gendron, allegedly detailed his plan of attack and described himself as a white supremacist in an online manifesto, according to CNN.) Jamie later posted a list of the victims’ names and ages; most were over 60. “Gunned down like animals in cold blood on a live stream… all for the color of the beautiful black skin…,” Jamie wrote, in part. “What’s sad is is that this is not anything new… This is our history… this is our present…The desensitization of the black human being… Bless these beautiful people with beautiful black skin…,” he added. The suspect has been charged with first-degree murder and pleaded not guilty, per CNN. The U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly investigating the attack “as a hate crime and an act of racially motivated violent extremism.”

Grimes auctions off 2021 Met Gala accessories to support Ukraine refugees, emergency responders

Grimes is auctioning off two pieces from her “Dune”-centric 2021 Met Gala look to raise money to support emergency response and BIPOC (Black, indigenous and people of color) families from Ukraine amid Russia’s war. “Hey guys – I’m auctioning stuff from my Met gala look last year to raise money to help get BIPOC families out of Ukraine since they’re having trouble exiting at the border,” Grimes wrote on Instagram this week, referencing reports of racial discrimination and xenophobia at the country’s borders. She also shared photos of the pieces — a metallic CHRISHABANA x Dune Harkonnen mask andsilver elf ear cuffs. The singer and visual artist is one of 50 who’ve donated to the “Ukraine Resistance” auction, hosted by Artsy until bidding closes on May 26. Others participating include Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and artist/OBEY Clothing founder Shepard Fairey. “Each piece offers a unique interpretation of the theme ‘resistance,'” Grimes continued in her post. “… All proceeds will go to Diaspora Relief and Razom, which will use the funds to provide food, shelter, and evacuation support to those in need.

Bam Margera says he’s completed a year-long drug and alcohol rehab program

After settling a lawsuit with his former “Jacka** Forever” costars over the movie in April, Bam Margera shared more good news with TMZ this week: He’s reportedly completed a one-year, inpatient rehab program for drug and alcohol addiction and is now sober and continuing his treatment on an outpatient basis. According to TMZ, the star is now living with his wife, Nikki, and son, Phoenix, near his rehab center in Boca Raton, Florida. Bam also tells the outlet he hopes to eventually return to Southern California, where he wants to pursue new projects with other sober skaters. The health update comes after Bam filed suit against his former “Jacka**” collaborators, including Johnny Knoxville and “Jacka** Forever” director Jeff Tremaine, in May 2021, claiming he was wrongfully terminated from the movie in August 2020. TMZ reported at the time of the filing that Bam claimed he was asked to sign a “wellness agreement” due to his history of drug and alcohol issues. He alleged he was fired after testing positive for Adderall, despite having been prescribed the drug for years to treat his attention deficit disorder. “My lawsuit isn’t just about compensation,” Bam told EW in 2021. “It’s about treating people with mental health and addiction issues in an honest manner and not taking advantage of their disabilities to rip them off.” His former co-star Steve-O has said Johnny and Jeff did what they could to support Bam, but fired him because he failed to stay sober. Bam asked to dismiss the suit on April 14, 2022, indicating those involved had reached a settlement.

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