Mike Pence says Donald Trump‘s characterization of him as a coward on January 6th was reckless and made him angry … and he got emotional talking about it.

The former Veep talked about that dark time with ABC’s David Muir, and when Muir read back the ex-Prez’s tweet as the insurrection was unfolding … you can see MP get visibly upset, seemingly searching for the right words.

Eventually, he found them … saying Trump’s suggestion that he lacked the courage to do what was necessary to avoid a “steal” couldn’t be more off the mark. Pence told his daughter, who was also at the Capitol, it takes more courage to uphold the law than to break it, which is what DT wanted him to do.

As Pence speaks, you see him incessantly tapping his foot … itself a show of emotion.

Remember, Pence was overseeing the certification of the 2020 election on Jan. 6 … when at some point in the day, in the middle of their session, hundreds of rioters came barreling through Capitol doors and windows, causing lawmakers to hide in fear.

For some reason, Muir pressed Pence about what he thought Trump could’ve possibly been doing at the White House that whole time — Pence had no idea because he wasn’t there. Pence told Muir he’d have to take that one up with Trump himself.

There’s not much ambiguity here … Pence has not only broken ties with Trump, he has contempt for him. It’s especially stunning because during Trump’s presidency Pence was his #1 cheerleader.

Funny how inciting a mob to do harm to someone can tank an alliance.

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