Maren Morris for the win. The country star was recently criticized by a troll for her ‘sexualized’ look in photos — and she had the perfect mic drop response.

Maren Morris, 31, never lets her haters off easy. The Grammy award-winning artist — who is no stranger to speaking out against online critics — was slut-shamed on Twitter for her choice of attire in a promotional tour photo on July 7. In the pic, Maren was dressed in a stunning silver cover up, which one particular Twitter troll had an issue with for whatever reason. “@MarenMorris when you dress like that, you’re definitely inviting people to look at you in a sexual way. Don’t complain about being sexualized when you sexualize yourself,” the troll wrote to Maren.

But Maren stayed true to herself, as she always does, and had an epic response to her critic. She revived the photos from her 2019 Playboy shoot that show the singer looking absolutely amazing while stripped down wearing nothing but a pair of pants, boots and a cowgirl hat and shared them on Twitter. “Daniel’s really gonna hate it when he finds out I did Playboy,” Maren hilariously wrote alongside the photos.

Maren’s response got a bunch of her fans to rally around the country superstar. And when one follower pointed out the sexist behavior of Maren’s troll, the mom of one shared a follow-up tweet to once again slam her hater. “He publicly put this sexist garbage online and @ me,” she wrote. “Also, ‘not liking someone’s clothing’ is one thing. Saying I deserve to be sexualized for a *pretty tame* outfit is just a hop, skip to ‘don’t dress like a slut and you won’t get creeped on.’ ”

This is not the first time that Maren has been slut-shamed. In fact, she received a bunch of negative comments in 2019 when she first released her Playboy photoshoot, and she defended herself accordingly. “The thing about me is, I make music for myself,” she wrote. “I learned later that it touches others, which is the most wonderful byproduct of a songwriter’s calling. Some can slut-shame me for my lyrics about sex, ad you can put me in your little box, but I just want to live and love. I recently accepted myself and will put these photos in a frame because I’ll never have this moment back.” She also tweeted, “Small boobs are cool” in response to anyone commenting on her chest size.

To her credit, Maren has never been afraid to be outspoken about what she believes in. She has used her voice and platform to promote the acceptance of more female artists in country music. She’s even addressed some controversy in the country genre, such as Morgan Wallen using the N-word in Feb. 2021 and country wives supporting former president Donald Trump. Kudos to you, Maren Morris.

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