A man unleashed a racist diatribe against a Black neighbor — and even invited protesters to his front door … but he might not have expected them to show up in droves, especially when he was being hauled off to jail.

Check out this wild encounter that was captured in Mount Laurel, NJ Friday, which led to an even crazier follow-up Monday … when scores of people landed on this guy’s driveway to decry a rant he’d gone on days earlier, who let him know what they thought of his venomous words.

The perp has reportedly been identified as Edward Cagney Mathews … and he now faces criminal charges for a heated confrontation he had with one of his Black community members — including alleged harassment and bias intimidation, over which the cops arrested him.

As for the initial face-off itself … it’s truly something to behold (in a bad way, we mean). Mathews hurls just about every epithet he can at the Black neighbor, including multiple uses of the n-word, “monkey” … and even questions whether the man knows America’s laws, saying “this isn’t Africa” … seemingly mocking what he perceived as a foreign accent.

It’s unclear what exactly this was all over — but in any case, you can tell Mathews took things way too far in what might amount to one of the most bigoted moments we’ve seen in a while. Even when his own community security guard shows up to calm things down, he ratchets up the tension again … demanding the guard put the “n******” in their place.

He told the person filming exactly where he lived, and encouraged people to show to find out “what (he’s) about” … and sure enough, they came rolling deep — apparently protesting him for the past couple days … to the point cops had to come escort Mathews away in custody.

That didn’t stop people from unloading, though … and we mean that literally. They chucked water bottles, garbage and debris at both Mathews and the police as they got into the squad car and drove away.

It made for an absolutely bonkers scene … and could very well be the very definition of rooting out and *driving out* racism.

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