Maluma is the latest celeb to get something chucked at him during a performance — but you gotta see how he dealt with it himself … homeboy turned into a disappointed parent.

The Colombian singer was doing his thing at a concert Thursday in San Antonio … cruising along just fine — that is, until somebody near the front row hurled their cell phone at him, which made contact.

Fortunately, it didn’t hit him in the head or anything — looks like the phone just tapped his torso — but the guy definitely noticed it … and he completely stopped down.

Check out this footage, obtained by TMZ, that captures Maluma’s reaction … it’s hilarious.

The dude comes over to the side of the stage, apparently IDs the perp and then gives ’em a big no-no finger wag — the way a dad might to a toddler or something. The message is clear … don’t do that!!!

Now, for some context … eyewitnesses tell us the reason the phone might’ve been tossed to him is because just moments earlier — Maluma had actually grabbed another fan’s phone and taken a selfie with it. Presumably, this person was trying to get something similar.

Get this … we’re told the phone actually stayed up there for the rest of the show — unclear if it was returned. The thrower was allowed to stay, though, to finish out the concert.

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