Jasmine Harman says Lucy Alexander ‘sabotaged’ photo

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Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander posted a photo of herself with A Place in the Sun presenter Jasmine Harman, quipping that the shot had been snapped before the accident happened. “This was before I spilt a whole glass of fizz down her cleavage,” she jokingly captioned the photo.

The pair were grinning broadly during their embrace, although she did not mention how they were feeling after the impromptu spillage.

Posting another photo of herself with others from the A Place in the Sun cast, including Danni Menzies, she described a Channel 4 get-together they’d had the previous day.

Jasmine also posted about the experience, after the pair took a series of photos together, and Lucy pointed out that their height difference meant she barely reached her fellow presenter’s chest.

In an Instagram Stories video, Jasmine told her followers: “So, Lucy just tried to sabotage A Place in the Sun photo.

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“You know what she did? Tell them what you did.”

Lucy was in peals of laughter as she confessed: “So, I spilled my whole glass of bubbles down Jasmine’s beautiful cleavage.

“Yeah, just before the photograph! Sorry babes.”

“What are you like?” Jasmine exclaimed before the pair embraced and made up.

Lucy is firm friends with the cast from A Place in the Sun and has even taken a Spanish cruise holiday with Laura Hamilton, 40, last week.

The 52-year-old Homes Under The Hammer star looked a fraction of her age in the Instagram footage of the journey, wearing her long blonde hair loose and donning a pair of fashionable tortoiseshell print sunglasses.

The pair announced they were Barcelona-bound, along with Blue singer Duncan James, before they took a pleasure boat trip around all of the hottest locations on the Spanish coast.

However, the past day was anything but holiday-like after Lucy announced another mishap.

She candidly vowed to “keep it real” during a train journey to Leeds, as she filmed a penalty notice lying on the table beside her.

In the past, Lucy has been open about the fines she has received after driving over the Dartford Crossing bridge without making an online payment in time afterwards.

She is also no stranger to speeding fines, having racked up eye-watering bills before.

The mishaps have led to her being ordered to complete a speed awareness course as a “punishment”.

Last year, she even received a speeding fine on the same day that she had a Covid scare, adding to her misery.

Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago Lucy issued a warning about an impersonator using a fake Instagram account.

The social media user provided a misspelt version of her name and claimed it was an “official back-up account”.

The fake profile also included a link to the star’s real-life account, to trick fans even further into believing it was her – and it had accumulated more than 50,000 followers by the time the real Lucy caught sight of it and screenshotted it.

She had a clear message for anyone confused: “Do not follow!”

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