Love Island – Kady dodges Zach's kiss saying she wants to be '100%'

Dumped Love Island 2023 contestant Molly Marsh has admitted that one scene from last night’s show left her with “the ick”. 

Molly, 24, who has had a rollercoaster journey on the ITV dating show, was recently sent home in what many her calling the most brutal dumping in Love Island’s history. 

This meant that she had to say goodbye to the other half of her couple, 25-year-old Zachariah Noble, and leave the villa immediately. 

While the pair appeared to be upset about having to be apart, Zachariah has quickly changed his tune and is now getting to know bombshell and former season 2 finalist, 27-year-old Kady McDermott. 

While Zachariah’s smooth talking is usually enough to charm the ladies, it seems the basketball player may have met his match. 

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In one particularly cringe-inducing scene last night, viewers were left in hysterics when Zachariah leaned in for a kiss with Kady, only to be decisively swerved almost immediately. 

Appearing on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast today, 21-year-old Molly admitted that Zach’s actions have given her “the ick” and questioned whether his intentions with her were genuine.

Speaking to podcast co-hosts Sam Thompson and Indiyah Polack, Molly admitted she was “shocked” by quickly her ex-flame had moved on. 

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“I thought there was something very special there and maybe there still is, but to see him lean in for a kiss with someone two nights after being gone…”

“You watched him lean in for a kiss with another girl very directly and then get rejected very directly as well… Does that give you the ick?” asked Sam. 

“It does give me the ick,” Molly confessed. “I mean, whys so soon?” she asked incredulously, before speculating that he “really wanted it”. 

However, the musical theatre actress did admit that in spite of it all, she still has some “strong feelings” for the athlete.

Molly was dumped from the island due to Kady choosing to couple up with Zach within hours of her entering the villa which, unbeknownst to any of the islanders, would immediately send one girl home. 

Following last night’s awkward encounter, Zach admitted that the interaction with new love interest Kady left him feeling “humbled” and “embarrassed”, but also claimed: “I fancy her more now.” 

Meanwhile, Kady lamented: “I feel awful! No one wants to be rejected from a kiss.” 

Love Island: The Morning After podcast is available to listen to on multiple streaming platforms. 

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. 

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