The value of universally beloved presenter Lorraine Kelly’s business empire has hiked to nearly £4 million. The ITV host’s company Albatel profited by over £500,000 in 2022, with the most recent annual accounts showing its total assets accumulated to £4,246,037.

That figure included £3,797,212 held in a bank account, over £1million owed by debtors and an investment portfolio totalling over £400,000.

After the company paid off creditors, it has a net worth of £3,986,886, increasing by over £200,000 in comparison with 2021, MailOnline reports.

Lorraine, 63, overturned a £1.2million tax bill in 2019 following a court ruling that she was self-employed while working for ITV.

In 2016 HMRC hit her with a bill when they claimed she was essentially employed by the broadcaster despite having received payments through Albatel, avoiding PAYE deductions in the process.

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It was ruled by the tax tribunal that Lorraine had successfully created her own “persona” and “brand” thanks to a freelance career since 1992.

The first tier tribunal were also told by Ms Kelly that she was “baffled” by the refusal of HMRC to accept she is an “entertainer” rather than a current affairs presenter.

She told the tax tribunal that “acted every day as a version of herself” while describing her occupation as a “theatrical artist”.

The fact that ITV paid Albatel over £3.1million between 2012 and 2015 came to light due to the legal dispute.

Shortly following their marriage, Lorraine and her husband, cameraman Steve Smith, set up the company in 1992.

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The period up to December 31, 2022 are covered by the annual accounts, and show that over £100,000 was paid by the firm in corporation tax last year.

Alongside presenting her eponymous ITV morning chat show Lorraine has also published books on fitness and dieting.

She began her TV career as Scotland correspondent in 1984, covering major stories including Lockerbie and Piper Alpha in the role.

Ms Kelly initially became a main presenter on GMTV prior to hosting her own show.

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