Many people were critical of the “statement” made by Prince Andrew, announcing the settlement agreement he had reached with Virginia Giuffre. In the statement, Andrew did not apologize, nor did he make an admission of anything criminal. He merely acknowledged that Virginia was a victim, that Jeffrey Epstein abused girls and women, and that Andrew regretted his friendship with Epstein. The careful wording was the point, and my guess is that the wording of the statement took longer to negotiate than the financial part of the settlement. But here’s the thing: in exchange for £12 million and a weaksauce non-admission non-apology, Virginia Giuffre… didn’t have to give Prince Andrew anything. Her lawyers are so badass, Virginia didn’t have to sign a nondisclosure agreement. LMAO!!!

The Royal Family are “bracing for a tell-all book” from Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre, a royal expert has claimed, as it it emerged she DIDN’T sign an NDA. The disgraced Duke, 61, was on a collision course with the sex trafficking victim over claims he raped and abused her when she was 17. But the pair settled their differences out of court for an undisclosed sum of money – which has been speculated to be up to £12million.

But Ms Giuffre’s lawyer told The Sun that there is no NDA in place – meaning she could speak out no-detail spared at any point. And royal expert Angela Levin said a “tell-all book” from Ms Guiffre could make the humiliating case “drag on and on” for the Royals.

She told the Sun: “Apparently Virginia is allowed to write a book about herself – or broadcast about herself as she sees fit. So if that’s the case it could drag on and on. We don’t know when she will do that, we don’t know when it might be broadcast. The sort of smell will stay with Andrew and the Royal Family. There’s no clean-cut end.”

[From The Sun]

This was similar to the settlement Virginia reached with Ghislaine Maxwell several years ago too – Ghislaine paid millions and Virginia didn’t sign an NDA, so Virginia could continue to give interviews about Epstein, Maxwell and (obvs) Prince Andrew. As soon as Andrew’s motion to dismiss Giuffre’s lawsuit was thrown out, it was clear that Virginia was in a position of authority and she could name her terms. She probably could have gotten even more money from Andrew if she had been willing to sign an NDA! She took less money to be able to continue to use her voice and talk about these terrible f–king people.

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