Lisa Snowdon details the symptoms of her early menopause

Lisa Snowdon fell pregnant again at 51 and hoped to raise the baby as a single mother, however moments before going on air at LBC she suffered a miscarriage.

The presenter shared how she could not help but feel it was a “punishment” for terminating her baby years prior.

She revealed her first pregnancy could have been her “one shot” at motherhood and how she has since tormented herself over it.

Lisa said: “I’d think, ‘Was that my chance and it’s gone? Is this my punishment? Maybe I don’t deserve to be a mother because I did that.”

Despite having dark thoughts, she “stands by” her decision to have an abortion as she wasn’t with the “right man” at the time.

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She went on to explain how the father never showed up for the first doctor’s appointment when she fell pregnant.

Speaking to MailOnline, she added: “If I’d had the baby, I’d have been connected to that man for the rest of my life.”

Last year, the Celebrity Masterchef winner also spoke frankly about the toll early menopause at 44 took on her body.

She revealed “I suffered insomnia, hair thinning, extreme night sweats, severe anxiety and angry rages, but I didn’t even know what perimenopause was back then.

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“I was totally unprepared.”

“I see menopause as a new phase in our lives and it’s one that we need to take responsibility for,” said Lisa to

“Arm yourself with research, remember movement is medicine, look at your diet and be more mindful about what’s going on in your body.”

Lisa revealed her fiancé George Smart, 42, has been a rock through her menopause and they are happy to not have kids.

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The star candidly said in an interview with the aforementioned publication that “kids are amazing and enrich your life, but let’s be honest, there are enough kids in the world”.

She also explained that George, who she has been with since 2016, was “patient and kind” to her during menopause.

Lisa also explained how she would often have “crazy rages” and fly “off the handle” at the smallest inconveniences in the candid interview.

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