Even before this season of RHONY began, we all heard tales of the feud between Leah McSweeney and Heather Thomson.

The two have exchanged harsh words and a lot of contempt.

People don’t necessarily like Leah as much as they once did, but she says that Heather is pushing a false narrative about her.

She says that Heather is trying to smear her to save her own skin, but it won’t work.

Leah shared her commentary about the lack of worthiness of men who won’t go the distance for their women.

Heather clearly took that personally.

As such, she fired back by accusing Leah of being “vulgar,” as if anyone cares about that.

As you can imagine, Leah saw it and came up with some clapback of her own.

On Monday, Leah took to her Instagram Stories to respond to that very silly label.

Leah accused Heather of being “disingenuous” and, worse, “cringe.”

“Guess her man isn’t an a– eater!!” Leah accused.

“Why the F is she bringing up her kids,” she demanded to know.

Leah then accused that “this is more cringe [than] her behavior on tomorrow’s episode.”

Leah did not stop there, however.

She posted not one but two additional Instagram Stories on the subject.

First, she called out what she describes as a false narrative.

“I am seeing a narrative emerge that I’m not comfortable with,” Leah expressed.

“And thus,” she explained, “feel the need to speak out.”

Specifically, it was the narrative that Leah somehow drove Heather off of the show.

“Heather was unable to forge natural connections with any of the women,” Leah stated.

“And that,” she asserted, “is why she discontinued filming.”

So the story of Heather fleeing for the hills because she couldn’t stand working with Leah is … in dispute by Leah.

“I took issue with her from the beginning,” Leah recalled.

She explained that they clashed “because I’m not a fan of disingenuous people.”

“She says one thing in the press and another to people’s faces,” Leah accused.

“Say what you mean, mean what you say,” Leah demanded.

She added: “I never once lied to her or about her.”

Leah offered an explanation for her volatile behavior.

“It’s no secret that I was having a hard time on this trip,” Leah acknowledged.

This was “due to a tremendous personal loss that I was dealing with in real time.”

Leah added: “Heather was well aware of this and acknowledged it.”

“I apologized to everyone for being aggressive and squashed it,” Leah related.

She said that she squashed her beefs “including with Heather.”

And then she had more to say in her next post.

Leah accused Heather of “spinning lies.”

She also accused her of “openly attacking [her] mental health” and “sobriety.”

Leah said that Heather falsely accused her of assault in a desperate attempt to “save face.”

“There are some historic issues that we address this season,” Leah noted.

She added that these are issues “that are far more important than trying to keep Heather relevant.”

She fears that these are issues “which are being clouded over” amidst tales of this feud.

“I’m proud of this season,” Leah asserted.

“It was an incredibly tough time to film/there was a lot of heaviness in the air,” she acknowledged.

“And yet,” Leah shared, “we did it and in our own way.”

“The entire reason I took issue with her in the first place has now happened to me/come full circle,” Leah remarked.

“She defames women to lift herself up,” she accused.

So, what do we think?

On the one hand, Leah has been right and often no-nonsense on multiple issues.

On the other, Leah didn’t vote in 2016, which is the most nonsensical and feckless choice that a person can make.

So, you know, she’s probably right about Heather. But also, many fans are in a f–k Leah kind of mood.

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