The ‘Orange Is the New Black’ actress has a new beau whom she met on a dating app following her breakup with an ‘insanely hot’ boyfriend, who’s 20 years her junior.

AceShowbizLaverne Cox has met a new guy on dating app Tinder.

The actress admits all the swiping paid off. She is also “super happy” to be able to delete the app and other dating sites like Hinge.

Laverne announced her new relationship status on Twitter after responding to a note, which slammed Hinge for being a “super toxic” place, and suggested Laverne had been banned from the app because she is a trans woman.

“Guess you gotta be a high profile trans woman like @Lavernecox to get a @hinge ban for being trans overturned (sic),” the tweet read, prompting Laverne to respond she had been banned from Hinge a second time before she met her boyfriend on Tinder.

The “Orange Is the New Black” star said, “I have a bf (boyfriend) now and haven’t been on the apps in over a year. But after being reinstated on @hinge I was banned again. Not sure why. I wasn’t really meeting guys on Hinge anyway. So I just didn’t bother to to look into it… Met my bf on Tinder. Super happy to be off the apps.”

Her new relationship came less than a year after she broke up with an “insanely hot” boyfriend, who’s 20 years her junior.

She previously admitted she had a penchant to date younger men as she talked about her previous relationship. “I always date younger men,” she said.

Although confirming her romance, she never introduced her previous boyfriend to public “for a lot of different reasons.” “I don’t think I want to traipse him around on social media,” she noted. “So you will not be seeing photos of him on Instagram!”

It’s unclear if she will go public with her latest beau.

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