laura linney

A member of Laura Linney‘s team was assaulted by an autograph hound — and considering how close this guy got to the star herself … it’s a testament to the need for bodyguards.

The ‘Ozark’ actress was in NYC Friday for Fashion Week, and as she was leaving an event — escorted by a handler of some sort, it seems — some dude came out of nowhere and attempted to approach her for her John Handcock … and aggressively, right out of the gate.

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The man she’s with — who, again, seems to be rolling with her in a working capacity — is in the way of the overzealous fan at first … who becomes visibly angry and pushes past him in order to approach Laura from the front, at which point he extends a photo for her to sign.

Laura’s team member, though, cuts him off and tells the dude to back off. He also denies touching the autograph hound … as it seems the man felt he was shoved first.

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That’s when things turn left, and quickly … as the guy starts to walk away in frustration, he throws Laura’s team member’s head forward — almost giving a half push/half smack, with some noticeable strength behind. It was clearly jarring enough to shock the crowd.

Laura, too, was visibly shaken … although, fortunately, it looks like her guy was OK. Unclear if this man was ID’d, or if he’s being pursued by cops. A scary situation nonetheless.

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