Apparently, Kim Kardashian is keeping the Hidden Hills home in the divorce. That was the house they redesigned to look like a very bland Sunken Place. [Dlisted]
Lou Diamond Phillips has great sweaters and turtlenecks on Prodigal Son, they really style him well on that show. [GFY]
Naomi Smalls shares her 70-step drag transformation. [OMG Blog]
This jacket on Kate Hudson is quite… something. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Review of Netflix’s Moxie. [Pajiba]
Paul Bettany didn’t think WandaVision would be so successful. [JustJared]
Underlining the point yet again, it’s hard to believe that the Duchess of Sussex decided to wear those earrings all on her own. [LaineyGossip]
A generation without wealth does not want babies. [Jezebel]
The Trump Pentagon was to blame for the National Guard delay on Jan. 6. [Buzzfeed]
90 Day Fiance stars are now living in an RV. [Starcasm]

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