Katie Price has paid tribute to her youngest child, Bunny, who turned nine on Friday (August 4).

Posting a sweet snap of her daughter at the beach, the former glamour model, 45, wrote: "Happy Birthday Bunny Bops," followed by two rabbit emojis.

The photo showed Bunny with long, blonde braids which reached her waist. She also wore a puma hoodie and brown Ugg boots.

Many fans of Katie compared her daughter to a younger version of the star, as one person said: "Looks like you when you first went into the jungle!!"

A second commented: "Why are you getting her to dress like you."

Before a third replied: "Happy birthday to our darling Bunny Bops."

Katie has hit the headlines in recent days after she revealed she and an ex-boyfriend had a “naughty” moment together when the decided to drive around Brighton naked.

Their nude drive eventually saw them arrive at a notorious dogging hot spot.

Chatting with her sister Sophie on The Katie Price Show podcast, the pair began reminiscing on a number of nostalgic events from their past.

This included their joint love for 80s nights and going clubbing before then detailing the "naughtiest thing" they ever did as teenagers.

Sophie, 33, said: “You haven't really ever done anything naughty.” Katie agreed, before going on to reveal a risque venture to the scenic South Downs beauty spot, Devil’s Dyke.

The mum of five explained: “I was with a couple and a boyfriend… but we just thought it would be funny to get in the car naked and drive up to the Devil's Dyke naked and have sex.”

The star then continued, quickly confirming: “Not with each other but with our own partners, in the freedom, because we knew if we got caught, we'd be in trouble.

"What was so funny is getting out of the house, naked – just imagine, sitting in the car naked, just in a normal road; naked. You're all naked in the car, like what the f***? And driving along naked, it's just like mad. The adrenaline.”

Sophie dubbed them “naturalists”.

Katie then conceded she hadn’t ever done anything particularly “naughty” before going on to detail the time she once told the new school bus driver the wrong route to the school, instead sending him on the path to Devil’s Dyke, which resulted in a letter being sent home to her mum.

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