In addition to Harry and Martha, the former ‘Today’ co-anchor calls out Deborah Norville and accuses late Larry King of sexual harassment in her new memoir ‘Going There’.

AceShowbizKatie Couric has dissed a number of famous people in her new book. While she called Prince Harry stank of cigarettes and alcohol in “Going There”, the former “Today” co-anchor also ripped into ex-convict Martha Stewart.

According to manuscript of the book obtained by Daily Mail, the 64-year-old wrote that the British royal smelled like cigarettes and alcohol when she first met him at a polo match in Brazil. She claimed the scents “ooze from every pore” of his body.

When it came to Martha, Katie stated that the businesswoman required “some healthy humbling (prison will do that… ) to develop a sense of humor.” The journalist was referring to the 80-year-old’s incarceration back in 2004.

In addition to Harry and Martha, Katie called out Deborah Norville, whom she replaced on the “Today” show in 1991. She mocked Deborah for having a “relentless perfection” that alienated viewers.

Not stopping there, Katie also accused Larry King of sexual harassment. She alleged that the late TV host made a “lunge” for her at his apartment after they enjoyed Italian dinner together. “When I like, I really like,” he reportedly told her after she pushed him off.

Many people were left unpleased after reading the manuscript of “Going There”, which has more than 500 pages. One person opined that the book “should be called Burning Bridges by Catty Couric.”

Another person believed that Katie will “never get a job at any television network or cable channel ever again because she attacks everyone.” The individual added, “She’ll be stuck with her newsletter and Instagram stories for the rest of her working life even though the book oozes of her desperation to be back on network television hosting her own show.”

“Going There” is set to be released in late October. It will aslo be accompanied by an 11-city book tour.

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