Kid Cudi was clearly in a much better mood than Kanye West Thursday night as he officially ended their beef in Las Vegas — a total shocker to many after Cudi vowed to forever cut all ties with him just last year!!!

The “Kids See Ghosts” duo were spotted hugging, and briefly speaking during Kanye’s Vegas rave for his “Vultures” album.

kid cudi and kanye west feud

Kanye and Cudi feuded through all of 2022 — Ye was upset Cudi chose to keep his friendship with Pete Davidson as he dated Kim Kardashian … which forced Cudi to label him a dinosaur in the music industry, and swear to never work with him again.

You can see Cudi was far more inviting than Kanye, who pulled away after a few moments Thursday night. It’s unclear if the reunion happened before or after Ye went on a wacky rant in which he lumped himself in with Jesus Christ AND Hitler!

Everyone else seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the music … Cher‘s boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards and several women can also be spotted catching a vibe to the new music … before the festivities got shut down by cops.

Ye and Cudi have a HUGE history working together, and Kim and Pete are no longer a thing — soooo, no reason to stay mad???

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