On social media, his name was thrown into the mix as to who could be a possible candidate to run for President in 2024. Stewart has made it clear he isn’t interested. 

His name was floating around due to the social media rumor mill that Tucker Carlson could be a future candidate. Politico wrote an opinion piece where the writer suggests Stewart as the one to run against Carlson were he to enter the President’s race.

After Tweeting out his disinterest in the political position, Stewart highlighted the fact that Republican Senator Pat Toomey shut down the veterans health care bill. This has been a priority for him for years. 

“But while I have your attention, could all of you (including news orgs) please ask Pat Toomey why he is single-handedly stalling a veterans health care bill that passed (with) huge bipartisan support over a technicality?” he wrote. “Asking for 3.5 million friends.”

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