• Apple and Google are making big privacy moves to wipe out third-party cookies that marketers use to target and measure digital ads.
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The ad industry is undergoing massive changes under the privacy era.

Apple, Google and others are making new changes that limit tracking how advertisers target and measure ads. And privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation are clamping down on how marketers collect and use data.

At stake is the $332.84 billion that eMarketer expected marketers to spend on digital advertising in 2020.

The moves have led to adtech companies racing to save targeted advertising with cookieless solutions for advertisers and a push towards marketers swapping out third-party cookies for first-party data like sales data and email addresses.

As marketers prepare for sweeping changes over the next year, we’re asking some top experts about how to navigate a changing landscape.

Please join our senior reporter Lauren Johnson and execs from Mars Petcare, R/GA, The Washington Post, and The Trade Desk for a conversation about the future of digital advertising, what the changes mean for ad budgets, and new ways that marketers are measuring advertising.

The hour-long chat is slated for April 22 at 2 pm ET/11 pm PST, and we want your questions. 

Meet our panelists:

Michelle Hulst is the chief operating officer at The Trade Desk

Jarrod Dicker is VP of commercial technology for The Washington Post

Lung Huang is the head of growth solutions at Mars Petcare

Ellie Bamford is VP and head of media at R/GA

Topics to be discussed include: 

  • What is changing in ad targeting and measurement
  • What the new privacy measures mean for marketers
  • How advertisers are solving for challenges in ad targeting and measurement
  • How ad performance will change with the changes
  • What new ways are advertisers measuring ads

The experts will also be taking audience questions live. 

You can sign up here. 

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