Jennifer Lopez has been in many high-profile relationships. However, the celebrity says she’s had four great love affairs during her life so far. Here’s what Lopez once said about her love life.

Jennifer Lopez says she loves the topic of love

During an interview with Hoda Kotb, Lopez says she doesn’t take love for granted, and she loves love. She says all the songs she has written are about love. “I love singing about love,” says Lopez. “It’s the thing I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time.”

Lopez says she felt like her book True Love was the first step in figuring out what love really was. The book was also the first step in her healing process. In her book, Lopez talks about her journey toward finding true love. She says she was always looking for another person to be with her.

Lopez admits she “hated” not being in a relationship with someone. According to her, this partly had to do with her upbringing. She was always surrounded by people, and she grew accustomed to this.

“Me and my sisters shared a bed,” she told Kotb during a 2014 interview. “I was always with people. We had a big family. So, when I moved away and started traveling the world, I felt so alone.” She says she was still looking for that love and family, and someone to be there with her.

Jennifer Lopez revealed her ‘4 great love affairs’

Lopez released her autobiography, True Love, in 2014. In the book, she spoke about the “four great love affairs” she experienced. Lopez recalled the time she had to prepare for a performance at the Connecticut-based Mohegan Sun Casino, just three months after separating from Marc Anthony.

Lopez says she put her song list together, but she had room for one more song. She decided to include something from her 2011 album, titled Love? The song she chose was “One Love,” which spoke about her divorce from Anthony. She knew her fans were wondering how she was doing after the divorce, so she wanted to address the topic.

Lopez says the song was about a woman’s search for true love. She made sure the lyrics in the song were autobiographical, so that they mirrored some of her relationships. The performance re-enacted moments from the relationship Lopez had with her four “great loves.” She says her loves  were Sean “Diddy” Combs, Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony. Since this book was released before Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started a relationship, it’s safe to assume she would add him to the list if she wrote the book today.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Lopez recently reunited with Ben Affleck after the couple called off their wedding in 2004. She said in her book that ending her relationship with the actor was very difficult. She describes the breakup as her “first real heartbreak.” Now, Lopez has a second shot at love with Affleck. Why did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez break up?

In her book, Lopez says their relationship didn’t last because of all the tabloid pressure. The constant media attention was tough on the couple. She reveals their relationship “crumbled under the pressure of the media scrutiny.”

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