Both for her own sake, and for the well-being of her children, we hope that Jenelle Evans will eventually get the message:

For as much as she talks about returning to reality TV or getting rich from projects like the Jenelle Evans Podcast, her days as a well-known and well-compensated media figure have come to an end.

Even Jenelle seems like she doesn’t really believe she’ll ever rich and (semi-)famous again, but like a confused ghost in a Victorian mansion, she keeps going through the motions of her past life in the hope that someone will eventually take notice.

Take that freakin’ podcast, for example:

After teasing the project for years and telling fans it was gonna be the first step toward her big comeback, Jenelle has released two episodes in as many months.

The first was 11 minutes long, and the second was a 44-minute ramble with so much dead air that even Evans’ “special co-host” David Eason couldn’t help but make fun of her for it.

Something tells us Jenelle may have already let go of her dream of being the next Joe Rogan.

And so, she’s returned her attention to her true passion project:

No, not raising her children — we’re talking about her love for attacking “the haters” with weirdly furious TikTok content!

Yes, Jenelle is back on the ‘Tok, where she’s repeating the cycle of posting lame content, and then lashing out at every commenter who points out that her content is lame.

These days, Jenelle’s teeth are once again the subject of widespread speculation, and it’s not because her followers are wondering how she got them so pearly white.

At this point, we’d like to issue our usual disclaimer and point out that it’s not cool to make fun of anyone’s appearance, even when it’s someone who sucks out loud, like Jenelle.

That said, she could probably put the rumor mill to rest by admitting that she’s missing a few chompers, but she refuses to do that.

For years now, fans have been claiming that Jenelle is missing several bottom teeth, and while she could put the rumor to bed with a single video, she has yet to do so.

Which pretty much tells you all you need to know.

Anyway, a new photo of David Eason has led fans to theorize that Jenelle’s not the only reason why corn on the cob is not a staple on the Easons’ dinner menu.

We don’t know for sure if this is proof that David is also suffering from a severe case of meth mouth, but we do know that fans had a field day with the pic — to the point that Jenelle felt the need to respond.

“If I block you and you continuously make fake accounts and I see your comments every single time and all it is is rude s–t, I’m gonna keep blocking you,” she ranted in a recent Instagram Story.

“So for you to go out of the way and make more fake accounts, it’s really absurd.”

From there, Jenelle explained that the problem with people nowadays is that they’re too angry and they spend too much time on the internet.

“How many hours do you have in a day to do that because you make a lot of fake accounts,” she said.

“Y’all need to just chill out. Peace, zen. Go fishing.”

Needless to say, a lot of people wanted to teach Jenelle the definition of “irony” after that — but a few would settle for teaching her what Labor Day is instead.

“Girls just wanna have sun. #MemorialDay Weekend,” Evans captioned the photo above.

Of course, the US celebrated Labor Day on Monday, not Memorial Day.

“She doesn’t know what Labor Day is because she doesn’t work,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Jenelle eventually deleted the hashtag, so at least she learned something this week.

Unfortunately, that’s probably all she learned.

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