Queen Elizabeth II: ITV News announces death of monarch

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Jane Seymour, 71, lamented to her 263,000 followers that the world had lost a “great Sovereign”, while TV reports described the Queen as the “most famous woman in the world”. She then wrote a tribute capturing the poignant moment when she shook the hand of the woman so beloved by the nation.

The vintage black and white photo featured the immaculately coiffured, diamond-covered Queen outstretching a hand while grinning broadly at the former Bond Girl.

“The World has lost a great woman and a great Sovereign,” Jane exclaimed passionately in her post.

“Queen Elizabeth’s impact as a leader and a humanitarian has influenced so many generations around the world.

“Her selflessness and sense of public duty will never be mirrored.”

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She added proudly: “I had the privilege of being presented to Queen Elizabeth on a number of occasions, but my proudest moment was receiving my OBE honour at the Palace and the conversation we shared at that time.

Finally, she concluded: “I’m deeply and profoundly saddened by her loss.”

More to follow….

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