James Martin discusses filming cooking show at his house

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James Martin, 49, has been on our TV screens for a number of years now and while he works the camera perfectly, he admitted live shows aren’t his forte. It comes ahead of his 2022 tour that will see him cook live at the London Palladium, something he confessed he’s “s***ting” himself about.

I am s***ting myself!

James Martin

The Saturday Kitchen star made the admission while chatting to Christopher Biggins on his podcast Show and Tell.

James spoke about his nativity play trauma when he was younger, after he was “demoted” to lights rather than actually acting in the production.

“I was so s**t at it!” he laughed.

So it’s no wonder he’s not too eager to get on stage in front of thousands of people, live.

“I’ve got a tour next year and I have a night in the palladium,” he explained.

“We’ve hired it for one night on the last night of my tour and I am s***ting myself!”

Christopher couldn’t help but laugh at James’ despair, asking what the night at the prestigious theatre would entail.

“We’re doing a cooking and music tour,” James smiled.

“We did it for the last two years and it was really successful and gathered momentum.”

He revealed both gigs brought in around 100,000 people before admitting he “foolishly” accepted the offer to do a third.

“The guys at Live Nation said, ‘Shall we go again?'” James recalled.

“They got me foolishly after a few drinks and that was it!”

James recently opened up about his struggles with dyslexia – a common learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, spelling and writing – after he was diagnosed as an adult.

Chatting to former The Saturday’s band member Mollie King, who is an ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association, on his Saturday show, the pair discussed how their experiences of diagnosis were very different.

The TV chef said: “I know a big passion of yours is this dyslexia foundation, which I wanted to pick up on because it’s something that’s close to my heart, because I’m dyslexic as well – severely dyslexic.

“I know that you are as well and you found that out when you were a young kid,” he explained.

Radio 1 DJ Mollie revealed that she first got diagnosed with dyslexia when she was around 10 years old.

The singer was in primary school when she first noticed she was having difficulties.

Mollie explained: “Having that diagnosis and an understanding as to why I was finding reading so difficult, made such a big difference to me.”

However, James confessed his diagnosis experience was very different as he didn’t discover he had the condition until he was an adult.

He noted: “That’s quite fortunate that you got diagnosed for that.

“I didn’t know about mine until I was 30 years old, when I started in television to read the autocue. For me it’s an absolute nightmare to read that,” he explained.

Show and Tell with Christopher Biggins is available to listen to now.

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