Anyone know who knitted this? I just wanna talk.

I know what you’re thinking: surely this is a choker? No. You’re wrong. It’s a scarf. It’s never not a scarf.

Straight bangs ✅curled hair ✅Von Dutch pants ✅

Why stop at one cotton tank top when you can wear two cotton tank tops over each other? Extra points if they match your clip-in hair streaks.

Is a tank top even a tank top if it’s not being layered? Do we need air to breathe? Both rhetorical questions.

If you weren’t wearing these with a pair of leggings and calling it an outfit, I don’t know what you were doing!

Who else begged their mom to take them to Hot Topic for pinstripe pants? We’ll get through this trauma together!

The thinner the straps, the closer to god.

If wearing a chunky knitted poncho to the 2005 “DVD Exclusive Awards” is wrong, I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT.

10/10 convinced my mother bought me these at our local Talbots in 2005.

Everything about this look is perfect and timeless and I won’t hear otherwise!

Why commit to pants or a dress when you could just wear both?

The see-through jelly tops!!!! I’m unwell!!!

Travis and Kourtney are shaking.

The turtleneck. The aggressively ripped bootcut jeans. The rise on those aggressively ripped bootcut jeans. The duffle purse. The frosted eye shadow. JUST ALL OF IT.

Hilary’s green dress at the Cheaper by the Dozen 2 premiere walked so J.Lo’s green dress at the Grammy Awards could run.

Please note that it’s going through 0/10 of the loops.

If you didn’t have a wallet on you, you could always attach your wallet chain to your belt loops.

When it doubt, steal a shirt from your dad’s closet, uselessly belt it, throw on some leggings, and call it a day.

When you have to deliver newspapers in 1940 at noon and have P.Diddy’s White Party at 10 p.m.

If you didn’t wear a Hervé Léger in 2009, you were not a real celeb.

Much like its friend a few slides ago, this belt is putting absolutely no work into holding up Hilary’s pants.

Honestly would wear today.

Me looking at these shoes.

No pair of Uggs is complete without a matching small dog in a bag.

For when your shrug isn’t cutting it.

I can literally hear this photo.

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