Helena Bonham Carter revealed that she sees the funny side of people’s comments regarding the 21-year age gap between her and her partner, insisting that he has an “old soul”.

Helena, 56, is thought to have met beau Rye Dag Holmboe, 35, in 2018 at a wedding and have been dating ever since.

Despite the pair having been romantically involved for four years, people appear to still pass comments on the age difference between them – but Enola Holmes' Helena remains unfazed.

“I like that it’s constantly news that he’s younger than me. And what’s hilarious is that I keep getting older, but to the tabloids, he remains 33. He’s almost like Benjamin Button,” The Crown star told The Times.

Helena went on to describe art historian Rye as an "ageless old soul in a young body," and insisted that “people aren’t necessarily their chronological age”.

"His eyesight is going, so we say I’m syphoning off his youth at night,” she further quipped.

Her romance with Rye comes after her two marriages: one to Kenneth Branagh, whom she was married to between 1994 and 1999, and her second was to acclaimed director Tim Burton. They were married for 13 years, before calling it quits in 2014.

Tim and Helena share daughter Nell, 14, and son Billy, 19, together.

The award-winning actress also said that she applauds younger men who can look past a woman’s age, and for "appreciating different kinds of beauty and finding other things sexy".

Her comments come after being asked her opinion on pop sensation Cher’s age-gap relationship, as she recently confirmed she was dating a man 40 years her junior.

Cher, 76, is seeing music executive Alexander "AE" Edwards, 36 – who previously dated Amber Rose.

Helena isn’t alone in applauding their new romance, as dozens of Cher’s fans also congratulated the singer on finding love.

Posting a love heart next to "Alexander", Cher first shared a snap of her new man online.

Responding to a fan who wrote: "Yess, 40 year age difference. Only Cher, I love”, Cher said: "Love doesn't know math, it [love hearts]. Rinpoche told me, 'Some people meet, others recognise'."

Meanwhile, when one asked if Alex was her new man, she posted a smiley face with love hearts.

They then responded: "Good for you. Enjoy what you're doing and who you're with. You deserve to be happy."

Another person said that he "better be treating you like the queen you are," to which Cher replied: "LIKE A [crown emoji]."


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