The world may be focused on Bennifer, but Alex Rodriguez is making his own moves, too.

From almost the moment A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez broke up, he’s been thrown in the shadow of her reunion with Ben Affleck. We mean that literally — he rented a house down the block from her Hamptons home, hung out with Ben’s ex, and now, spent the weekend on a yacht not far away from the reunited couple’s boat on the French Riviera. We might find it a little sad, if it didn’t look like the baseball legend wasn’t having so much fun.

And he does appear to be living it up! In new photos from his birthday celebration (which coincidentally came just a few days after J.Lo’s splashy b-day bash), the athlete cozied up to NFL commentator Melanie Collins on a jet ski, alongside pals Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker. (You can see the photos HERE.) According to, Alex and Melanie are reportedly “just friends,” but they certainly look very close.

A source for Us Weekly dished:

​​”A-Rod is living his best single life. He’s really enjoying a bachelor.”

Sure… but was he maybe hoping Jenny from the Block would spot him partying with a new lady from the deck of her own boat? Because apparently, the jet ski crew “narrowly missed” the singer’s yacht as it left the harbor, per (She and her Oscar winning BF have moved on to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.)

According to the Us insider, the Yankees alum didn’t even care about having his ex nearby. They explained:

“Jen and Alex had planned to go to the French Riviera for J. Lo’s birthday this year and neither of them changed their plans. Alex didn’t know Jen would still be going, but he wasn’t phased when he found out her boat was nearby. He was distracted with his own guests.”

But if possible, the Let’s Get Loud artist apparently cared even less about her former fiancé entertaining other ladies nearby. Another source told E! News:

“She knew A-Rod was around, but he’s the last thing on her mind and she could care less what he does. … She’s totally in love with Ben and only has eyes for him. She has moved on and is not looking back. She’s very relieved that she is out of that relationship and done with him for good.”

Sheesh. Pretty cold. But really, the Hustlers star was much too busy enjoying the island of Capri, eating and shopping with her new beau to worry about her ex. An onlooker to the Italian excursion observed:

“They laughed and smiled at each other everywhere they went and seem very much in love. They enjoyed the day taking a leisurely walk around town before they headed back to their yacht.”

Yeah, if Alex WAS hoping Jen would be jealous, it doesn’t seem like he was at all successful. But it seems like they’re both having pretty idyllic summer vacations, despite the awkward proximity, so we don’t feel too bad for him!

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