Becca Tobin is grateful for her Glee family, who recently reunited to honor the late Naya Rivera.

The 35-year-old actress and one-third of the LadyGang starred as Kitty Wilde on the Fox musical series. While co-hosting Thursday’s Entertainment Tonight, Tobin recalled working with Rivera and gushed about how the late star’s son, Josey, is “the best kid.”

“Oh [Josey’s] the best. The best kid,” Tobin told ET’s Kevin Frazier, before touching on getting together with her former cast members for the one-year anniversary of Rivera’s death. “Two weeks ago [we got together]. It is crazy that it has been over a year now. I am just so happy to have this family. This Glee family to just tell stories and keep the memory alive.”

“And every time I see somebody, and another Naya-ism comes up, you are reminded of something funny she said because she was the funniest person,” the actress recalled. “Her humor was like no other and I just love that we are able to share that together. But it has been a hard year for them.”

July 8 marked the one-year anniversary of Rivera’s death at the age of 33, after she went missing following a boat ride with her then-4-year-old son, Josey, on California’s Lake Piru. Her body was recovered five days later. Naya’s death was ruled an accidental drowning. She was laid to rest on July 24.

Naya Rivera's Family Reflects on Her Life and Legacy One Year After Her Death

Naya Rivera's Family Reflects on Her Life and Legacy One Year After Her Death

Tobin, meanwhile, has also been going through her own personal journey. She recently chronicled her journey with IVF and has been sharing it with her fans and listeners on the LadyGang podcast.

“I was a little scared to open up about it because it’s such a personal journey,” she admitted. “But I started to a little bit on the podcast. What I found out was that so many women are dealing with fertility issues and our job at the LadyGang is to talk about things that make women feel less alone. So I felt like it was such a disservice to have this platform and not talk about something so real.”

“It’s been many years. I think we’re going on three years of the journey and it’s never gotten easier,” she continued. “But there have been the bright spots and the exciting things, and the sad things. It’s a roller coaster.”

As for where she and husband Zach Martin stand with the process, she said, “I have some embryos in a freezer somewhere. So we had a successful retrieval, we made embryos and then I got this opportunity to do this show in Vancouver, Turner & Hooch, and I was just ready for a break.”

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Turner & Hooch is Disney+’s new series based on the 1989 movie starring Tom Hanks. In the reboot, Josh Peck plays Scott Turner Jr., the son of Hanks’ now-deceased character, Detective Scott Turner. Tobin takes on the role of Brooke Mailer, a prosecutor and Scott Jr.’s ex-girlfriend.

Giving the beloved classic new life, Tobin expressed, was “a lot of pressure.”

“Big shoes to fill. Tom Hanks is like the most beloved person in Hollywood,” she noted. “But I have to say, when I heard it was Josh Peck taking over the continuation of the story — he’s playing Tom Hanks’ son — and I had my first chemistry read with Josh, I was like, ‘We’re good! We’re golden.'”

While Hanks’ character is no longer in the picture, Tobin shared that there are references to the film. “We see a beautiful photograph of Tom Hanks with the old Hooch in Scott Turner’s apartment,” she teased. “So he’s kind of carrying on his father’s legacy. He’s a U.S. Marshal so he sort of went into the same field. We see him sort of taking on those big shoes to fill. it’s beautiful the way that they wrote it.”

As for Hanks coming in for a cameo in a flashback scene? “We could start the campaign right here, right now!” she marveled. “I think we would all forgo our salaries just to get Tom on the set for like an hour.”

Turner & Hooch is now streaming on Disney+. See more on the show in the video below.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Turner & Hooch’ With Josh Peck (Exclusive)

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