As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Love Island star Faye Winter has posted a poignant and crucial message to her Instagram about the importance of regularly checking your breasts.

Amid Faye's advice, mission to "spread awareness for breast cancer," and stats about the disease – including that "one in eight of us" will unfortunately be diagnosed in our lifetime – the 28 year old also revealed to fans that she endured her own cancer scare earlier this year.

While dropping two snaps to her grid – one of her offering a peace and pout sign while sitting in a hospital waiting room, and the other a zoomed in picture of diagrams showing you how to check your breasts – Faye documented her experience in depth.

She also noted that she was one of the lucky ones, probably thanks to her regular monitoring and heading to the doctor early.

"I was so lucky back in June to be given the all clear on a lump I had found a couple of months prior and so many will also be given good news but it doesn’t make those few weeks or months any easier," the TV star recalled.

Faye then shared the myriad of emotions she experienced while waiting for her results, remembering how frightened and overwhelmed she felt.

"The positive thoughts of 'it will be nothing' with the voice in the back of your head saying 'what if."

For many, those 'what if' anxious thoughts can be the reason people don't get checked, regardless of how minor a person thinks their newfound lump or bump might be.

During her post, Faye acknowledged this – and even agreed – that being "nervous and scared" is part and parcel of going through such an experience.

However, she was keen to warn how important it is to not put it off and "don’t shy away." Because "getting it checked is the first step to getting the all clear."

Faye continued: "I wasn’t sure on sharing my little story to begin with because one, it seemed so tiny in comparison to others and two, because I had so much going on I wanted to sweep it under the carpet."

However, the Love Islander revealed she was glad that she shared, and ended the post on a positive note. Particularly how opening up about her experience led to a slew of other women revealing that they'd checked their breasts.

She even noted how, in the time it took to read her post, that you could "have checked yours!"

Bottom line? "Checking our breasts and pecks is essential," says Faye.

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