Ever since Tim McGraw and Faith Hill starred as married couple James and Margaret Dutton in the Yellowstone spinoff 1883, fandom for their love—fictional and real—has taken off. And that’s made evident by the internet’s reaction to Hill’s new Instagram post in honor of McGraw’s 55th birthday. She shared a snippet from their intimate bathtub scene as the Duttons, and let’s just say, although it was intended for him… it was truly a gift to us all.

In the photo, the pair soak in a vintage copper tub, McGraw’s head in Hill’s hands. The warm embrace is telling of their love for each other, on and off-screen. “Oh, you say it’s your birthday Tim McGraw?💗💗💗” Hill captioned the post. “Um…… What a about a date tonight? K…see ya later😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Love you, too

The sweet scene had fans melting. “This is what love is all about. #goals,” one person commented. “Awe ❤️ you two are so cute!” another added. “Okkkkk now! 🔥❤️ Happy birthday to Tim,” someone else wrote.


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Despite writing a spicy caption (did you see all of those emojis?), Hill was initially nervous to show the intimate side of her marriage on TV. “It was really uncomfortable for me personally because I’m a very shy person in that type of situation,” she told People last year. “I obviously feel comfortable with my husband, but this is different. For intimate scenes, I feel like that belongs to us.”

Thankfully, she trusted the direction of series creator Taylor Sheridan and admits that the scene “turned out to be beautiful.”

Still, working together as actors didn’t come without its difficulties. The “It’s Your Love” singers had to be very intentional about setting boundaries between their real marriage and their imaginary one. “We have made it a point not to work on our scenes together until we’re on set,” Hill said. “It’s important that we react to one another naturally as characters, not as husband and wife.”


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McGraw added: “It’s been incredible to do scenes together and to watch her work.” But it got surprisingly real at times. “We had this scene where she has to slap me. I was expecting a finger slap but it was a paw to the jaw. There was 25 years of pent-up aggression going on!” he laughed.

The couple marked their 25th anniversary in October 2021, and Hill told People that they actually celebrated on-set. “I was hauling ass in a carriage through a river,” she said. “That was our big celebration!”

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