Drew Rosenhaus, Leigh Steinberg, Jimmy Sexton and … T.J. Ward?!

In just a short matter of time, the ex-Denver Broncos star could very well be in the same conversation as the trio of famed NFL superagents … ’cause the former Super Bowl champ just started his own agency — and he tells TMZ Sports he’s looking to change the player rep game with it.

Ward launched the Player Above Sports Group recently … and he said with all of his experience as a high-level NFL player, he believes he and his new team can impact athletes’ lives off the field in a way other agencies can’t.

tj ward

“There’s not a lot of player representation for players,” the former defensive back said. “There’s not a lot of guidance, in that aspect, for players by players and that’s what I want to do.”

“We want to give them something in a viewpoint from someone who’s been there,” Ward added. “I’ve done a few things in this league and have a lot of experience and I know I can help these players with their careers right now.”

Ward played in the NFL from 2010 to 2017 — logging time with the Browns, Broncos and Buccaneers. He said during his career, he suffered “ups and downs” with his representation, and he’s now making it his goal to help ensure future athletes don’t have similar issues.

Ward’s already got a few clients under his belt — including former Oregon star Nick Pickett — but he’s looking to grow quickly.

As for the co.’s name … Ward tells us there is a special meaning behind it — “we definitely want to put the player above everything else — even ourselves.”

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