Rock band Evanescence‘s Amy Lee says that rapper 50 Cent “hates her guts.”

“50 Cent hates my guts,” Amy Lee said in a recent interview with The Daily Beast. “It’s just one of those things… I mean, truthfully, we thought he was going to win, too. It was such a wild night.

“People are like, ‘What was it like to win a Grammy?’ and I’m like, ‘Stressful!’ I mean, it’s wonderful now to have them, but it was surreal… I just remember thinking, ‘I don’t even think anybody in this room knows who we are.'”

The beef between Amy and 50 started nearly 2 decades, ago when Evanescence won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2004 overthrowing the most popular pick for the award, 50 Cent.

Despite not being announced as the winner, 50 Cent still walked across the stage, making for an awkward moment during Evanescence’s acceptance speech.

“You know when you’re just in shock? He didn’t do anything, he didn’t grab the mic, it wasn’t that bad,” recalled Lee. “He just sort of like, made an appearance. It was like Zoolander when he thought he won.”

“No, he never said anything to me, but he likes to talk about me and how he was robbed. I don’t want to start a beef with him,” she added. “Everything around me was chaos and I was like, I’m going to stand here and see if this is real later, if I wake up or not.”

(Photo: Will Lee; CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia)

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