Eva Mendes is opening up about her insecurities.

The actress-turned-entrepreneur posted a photo from almost 20 years ago, expressing how she thought she looked “weird” and “odd.”

“Just came across this picture from a movie that was almost 20 years ago,” Mendes, 47, began. “I remember seeing this photo back then and thinking my face looked ‘weird’ and that my bone structure was odd …yadda yadda ..you know all those insecurities that a 26 year old can have.”

She continued by adding that 20 years later, she wishes she “still had that ‘weird’ face and odd ‘bone structure’ 😩.”

“Why’s my point ? Im not sure. Maybe it’s if you hate a photo of yourself wait 20 years then you’ll love it,” he concluded, before quoting Oscar Wilde, “Youth is wasted on the young.”


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Mendes, who shares two daughters with Ryan Gosling, was praised by fans and friends who shared similar comments.

“The growth and wisdom chica…I can fully relate,” actress Leonor Varela wrote, to which Mendes replied, “Verdad?! And it’s not like I want to be young again, it’s just like I didn’t realize certain things at the time! And as young chicas we can be so hard on ourselves.”

Another follower wrote, “Oh to be in your 20s and have the wisdom of your 40s! if only.”

“That’s why I love this quote so much! But let’s think of it this way..we’re in our 40’s and it can feel daunting but think when we’re 60 and we look back to today we’ll think ‘we were babies in our 40’s!” Ok maybe not babies but still young is what I mean. It’s all relative.”

Back in February, the Hitch star made headlines for responding to someone who accused her of taking a social media break after she got “work done.” She then expressed that she isn’t anti-plastic surgery, but that she hadn’t had work done and wasn’t opposed to it.

Sharing a headline saying she “denies” plastic surgery and “clapped back” against the commenter, Mendes wrote, “Regarding this ‘headline’ …ummm… Kinda. Sorta. But not really. Never ‘denied plastic surgery’. All I did was reply to a specific comment on SM. Would never deny that stuff. I’m all for it. All. For. It.”

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